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Xamarin.Android - Book

Xamarin.Android Book

There’s been one thing that Xamarin developers have repeatedly told me in the past:

You should write a book with all of the knowledge you have.

I’ve finally taken this into consideration and decided that I will be writing a complete book on Xamarin.Android.

I hope to help you with the challenges of Android app development using the Xamarin.Android framework whether you are new to app development or already nose deep into a project.

This book will be much different than most Xamarin books in the sense that it will focus purely on the Xamarin.Android platform.


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One thing I would like to ask each one of you is to subscribe to my email list to get updates on the book and early access to various chapters. I’ve added a field for your feedback as to what you want to see covered in more depth.

You can signup at the following link: Programming Xamarin.Android Email List